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Brochure Site Pattern

A fully functional, branded website with blogging and social media built in. That's what our Brochure Site Pattern is.

A website built from our Brochure Site Pattern includes:

  • Slice based landing page builder makes building landing pages simple
  • Easy-edit blog/article builder - as easy as your favourite word processor
  • Automated news updates
  • Lighthouse optimisation for better performance and rankings 
  • SEO tools built in
  • Multi-media library for documents, images and video (including modern formats such as webp)
  • Your colour palette, logo and contact details
  • Integrated social media posting library to take advantage of viral promotion
  • Scheduler for social media and page publishing

These features makes this pattern ideal for a small/medium business, or as a starting point for a more complex website development.


  • How much will it cost? Our patterns are sold as base products between £200 and £500, please get in touch and we'll be more precise for you.
  • How many pages are included? We don't measure 'number of pages', how many do you need?
  • Is it 'responsive'? Of course, every Site Pattern site pattern is fully responsive.
  • Is it 'accessible'? Of course, every Site Pattern site pattern has accessibility built in. We will advise clients on the colour palette that works best to preserve this, however, in the end it is a client choice.

Take a Look

The best way to appreciate the features of our Brochure Site Pattern is to take a look at our example site:

Get in Touch

We know that the flexibility and possibilities of this site pattern will generate a lot of questions, so please drop us a line using the form or email address below. If you can't wait, please open a chat session with one of our team.