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We have developed a Drupal website pattern that is specifically designed, supported and costed for Town and Parish Councils. These Tier 3 Councils (T3 Councils) have specific requirements and constraints that fall outside most website solutions.

It takes years of effort and focus to build the reputation for a business. So how long does it take to lose that reputation?

I-Next are certified for cyber-security under the UK Government's Cyber Essentials scheme. You can check our certification by searching for 'I-Next' on the National Cyber Security Centre website.

On June 7th. 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, I-Next turned 25. Celebrations were, understandably, muted. All we did was update our logo and have a special anniversary version created.

We always recommend to clients that they credit those that contribute to their services. A photo credits page is a great way to do that.

On this site, however, we have taken the deliberate decision to do away with all superfluous images. We don't want to add to our, or your, carbon footprint just to make the pages 'look better'. None of the customers we've worked with over more than 25 years chose us because our website pages 'looked good' and we hope you won't either.

This page is, therefore, a bit light. We list below all of the artists who's work we have used:

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