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The security of web communication has become paramount. The shift towards implementing HTTPS has been accelerated by changes in search engine algorithms, but it's important to understand that security and trust in web communication are not synonymous.
It is crucial to recognise the paradigm shift in digital search. In this article we look at what has changed with online search and how website owners need to adapt strategies to succeed in the changing landscape.
We share how we have built long term business relationships with partners and customers over 25 years. The article covers a simple 6 point methodology for successful B2B relationships.
With so many amateurs doing it the question 'Is DNS important' seems relevant. This article explains why DNS is crucial to a modern business and explains what the risks are if things go wrong.
The majority of digital/web development providers in the UK employ fewer than ten people, it is inevitable that the sector faces significant challenges. In this refreshed article our MD identifies the challenges and explains how working with partners like I-Next can offer a mutually beneficial solution.
The Launch-Orbit model for digital projects provides an intuitive alternative to to complex project management models.
One of the frustrating issues we have had with Drupal Commerce is the lack of a standard method for offering Apple Pay and Google Pay to mobile customers ... until now.
Employee self-service has been revolutionary for employees and HR departments alike. This article introduces our 'Consolidated HR Hub'.
We have introduced 100% renewable powered email service, eliminating the carbon footprint of all outgoing emails.
Larger authorities in Local Government (Tier 1 and Tier 2) are well catered for by commercial developers and, in particular, by the LocalGov Drupal open-source initiative.

Our Site Pattern for Town and Parish Councils provides similar benefits but for small, resources strapped tier 3 councils.