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Open Source Application Hosting

Replace your Mailchimp, Trello,, Slack, Dropbox and Google
subscriptions with a UK hosted, private, managed service that 
can grow to any size or complexity whilst also reducing your costs

Large SaaS systems like those mentioned start off as fast, flexible solutions to a business need. However, the per user pricing models soon build significant costs for businesses. As experts in high availability hosting, we have been hosting open-source business systems for clients for almost 20 years. Agencies, Startups, SMEs and large corporate users trust our security, privacy, and robustness to host their services large and small.


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Mautic: Transforming Marketing Automation

Mautic is an exceptional open source marketing automation platform that empowers businesses to streamline their marketing efforts with unprecedented control and flexibility. Comparable to popular proprietary solutions such as Mailchimp, Mautic offers a comprehensive suite of tools to automate and optimise marketing campaigns. From lead management to email marketing, social media monitoring to personalized content delivery, Mautic enables organisations to engage and nurture their audience effectively. With Mautic, businesses gain the freedom to customise and adapt the platform to their specific needs, as well as maintain ownership of their valuable customer data. By harnessing the power of Mautic, organisations can enhance their marketing strategies, drive customer engagement, and achieve measurable results.

Wekan: Empowering Project Management with Open Source Kanban

In the ever-evolving landscape of project management tools, Wekan is an exceptional open source solution that brings the power of agile Kanban boards to teams worldwide. Drawing inspiration from popular services like Trello and, Wekan offers a remarkable alternative with its feature-rich platform, community-driven development, and unwavering commitment to open source principles. With our hosted Wekan service, teams can effortlessly visualise their workflows, enhance collaboration, and achieve project success, all while enjoying the freedom, flexibility, and customisation options that open source software brings and significantly redusing licence costs. 

Hosted Wekan Service

Rocket.Chat: Revolutionising Internal and External Communication 

Rocket.Chat is an innovative open source chat server that redefines the way organisations communicate and collaborate. With its extensive feature set, intuitive interface, and commitment to privacy and security, Rocket.Chat has become a popular choice for teams seeking a customizable and self-hosted messaging platform. Comparable to Slack, Rocket.Chat offers a wide range of features such as real-time messaging, file sharing, and integrations with popular tools. Moreover, it goes beyond internal team communication by providing a website chat service that enables businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time. Its open source nature fosters community-driven development, ensuring continuous improvements and a vibrant ecosystem of extensions and plugins. With Rocket.Chat, teams can enhance productivity, streamline communication, and regain control over their data, making it an ideal solution for organisations of all sizes.

Hosted Rocket.Chat Service

Nextcloud: Empowering Collaboration and File Sharing with Open Source

Nextcloud is a powerful open source platform that revolutionises the way individuals and organisations manage and share files. With a comprehensive set of features, our Nextcloud service offers a secure, hosted solution comparable to popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Users can easily store, access, and synchronize their files across various devices, ensuring seamless collaboration and productivity. Additionally, Nextcloud provides a wide array of productivity tools such as document editing, calendar integration, and secure video conferencing, allowing teams to work together efficiently within a unified platform. Its open source nature encourages community contributions, resulting in regular updates, bug fixes, and an extensive range of plugins to customize the platform. With Nextcloud, individuals and businesses gain control over their data, ensuring privacy, security, and the flexibility to tailor the platform to their unique requirements.

Hosted Nextcloud Service

Shared Tenancy

Our entry-level services are shared tenancy where your service will share resources with a small number of others. 

Shared tenancy services benefit from:

  • complete system maintenance and upgrade
  • high quality, UK based service hosting
  • 100% renewbles power
  • 24/7 transparent service monitoring
  • help desk
  • 99.9% uptime
  • daily holistic backup

Sole Tenancy

Our larger services are hosted on a sole-tenancy basis. In addition to the shared-tenancy features, sole tenancy customers benefit from:

  • flexible, scalable resources
  • configurable security set up
  • custom security testing


Where system demands are particularly high, we can develop a multi-tenancy approach using:

  • load balancers
  • reverse proxies
  • database clusters
  • kubernetes


We will monitor your service constantly. Where we see resource limitations being approached we will contact you to discuss options. 

Scaling a service up to meet your specific requirements is a straightforward process and is only really limited by your budget.


Access to your service is available only from our identity management portal. That means that your content, resources, and files are safe from brute force compromise.


We have developed a process to undertake seamless updates for your service with little or no downtime.


Your service will be secured to our exacting standards.


A daily, holistic backup of your service will be taken, encrypted, and stored at a secure remote location to ensure that you don't lose any critical business records.