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The Tale of Terry the Graphic Designer

Our short presentation of how we help graphic designers like Terry.

  1. This Is Terry. Terry is a skilled graphic Designer!
  2. This Is Thelma. Thelma is a customer of Terry.
  3. Terry built Thelma's website using a 'cool' Wordpress theme. It was as easy as making a cup of coffee!
  4. Thelma’s website got hacked! Thelma doesn’t like Terry's coffee anymore.
  5. Terry didn't know how to secure a website properly. Terry is not a systems administrator.
  6. This is the I-ntarsia team. They are not skilled graphic designers. They are serious web techies.
  7. The I-ntarsia team help Terry build amazing websites properly.
  8. Terry doesn’t need to be a systems administrator now. Terry is happy. Terry feels like a DIGITAL BARISTA!
  9. Thelma is happy again. Thelma wants Terry to do more work.
  10. The I-ntarsia team wants you to become a DIGITAL BARISTA too!