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Agency Friendly

We love working with agencies and
have been doing so for 20 years

To our agency clients, we are their 'tech team'.  We enable them to sell a whole range of private cloud services to their customers confident that they will be delivered to the highest possible standards.

Sole Tenancy

In general, we like our agency partners to work with our sole tenancy services. This ensures that their customer data is robustly siloed. 

We can be flexible on this with smaller email domains and websites.

Portal Access

All of our services can be accessed from our management portal to make running multiple services as simple as possible. Management level access can be granted to agency staff to give you complete control over the service you offer to your customers.


Our agency customers get preferential pricing and are free to set their own prices for the services we deliver.


To us, a freelancer is just a very small agency. If you want to augment your freelancing skills with top-notch technical expertise and enterprise-class infrastructure that doesn't cost the earth, then please get in touch.