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DNS Hosting

When your DNS goes wrong ...
You disappear!

We understand DNS and we have chosen Google's CloudDNS to ensure our clients get the perfect mix of global speed and bulletproof reliability.

Accessible Expertise

DNS is complex. It is the heart of the internet and should be recognised as one of mankind's greatest achievements. We know because our expertise goes back to the days BEFORE DNS. Yes, I-Next engineers added servers to the internet hosts file manually!

We were registering domain names in the UK and setting up their DNS BEFORE you had to pay for them. As members of the 'Naming Committee', we were founder members of the UK's Nominet Registry.

We understand DNS and the impact it has on seemingly unrelated things such as pageload and SEO. We have the tools to manage DNS zones accurately and efficiently and we're on the end of a phone line if you need us.

Green DNS

DNS lookups account for a vast amount of internet traffic and, therefore, generate huge amounts of CO2 via the data centres handling that traffic. We will manage your DNS zone to meet your business flexibility needs whilst also ensuring that you are minimising the CO2 emissions attributable to your zone.

Secure DNS

We implement DNSSEC on all of the domains we manage as a matter of courtesy. If a registrar is unable to accept the relevant DS records then we can advise on a switch of registrar!


Your DNS zone is the online map of everything you do. If you lose it it will be difficult to rebuild! We take a daily backup of ALL of the zones we manage in both BIND and Yaml format. Not only does this make sense for disaster recovery, it also makes moving your zone to another provider simple ... not that you'll want to do that.