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I-ntarsia - Website Management Platform

Replace your Wix, Squarespace, or website with
a UK hosted, private, managed web service that can
grow to any size or complexity based upon your business need

Our I-ntarsiaTM Managed Digital Service Platform has been hosting some of the UK's most complex websites for almost 20 years. Agencies and large corporate users trust its security, privacy, and robustness to host their services large and small.


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I-ntarsia Site Patterns™

I-ntarsia Site Patterns are designed to offer a private alternative to the themed page builder services such as Wix. Whilst those services start users with a blank canvas, our pattern sites are deployed fully working, with your logo, colour scheme, font selection and populated with example page content. This even includes templated legal statements and policies for the user to modify.

Site landing pages are built by configuring an unlimited number of slices from our comprehensive library. Slices can be arranged and rearranged in any order with a simple drag and drop. Slices are very flexible but cannot break your site style or interfere with one another making sure your site always looks at its best

Blog content is built using an intuitive, free-form page editor (similar to the page builders mentioned) to make the process as close as possible to writing on a page.  When it's that easy, you blog more!

I-ntarsia Site Patterns allow non-technical users to create completely unique websites that are mobile-friendly and accessible by default. Whilst they are initially offered on a shared tenancy basis, they offer a seamless path to grow to almost any size on a sole tenancy or even multi-tenancy basis.

I-ntarsia Site Patterns offer a simple site build on an enterprise-grade platform at the cost of a page builder. We like it so much that we built this site using it!

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Unique Corporate Websites

We've been building unique corporate websites for over 25 years. We work with the best brand, graphic and user experience (UX) designers to produce a site that delights the user and owner alike.  While our design and partners focus on your customers, we focus on you to make your administration experience (AX) as intuitive as possible for you. No overwhelming admin systems here! 

Our technical and systems skills mean that we are confident in delivering complex website integration into other business systems (our own or third party). This work includes a wide variety of financial and business systems where privacy and security are paramount.

Our corporate sites can start on a shared tenancy basis. They also offer a seamless path to grow to almost any size on a sole tenancy or even multi-tenancy basis.

E-commerce Solutions

The privacy of your customer data is crucial when you are trading online. We build enterprise-grade e-commerce solutions for clients. We have almost 20 years of experience with e-commerce using the same partnership approach that we apply to unique corporate sites.

We understand regulatory frameworks like PCI/DSS and GDPR and ensure that our clients exceed their obligations under them. Our breadth of solutions and experience with technologies like email and DNS means that we do not overlook weaknesses in any legacy systems.

We also understand the implicit need for SEO in e-commerce. We enable our e-commerce sites with an advanced toolset for both internal SEO and agency led efforts.

Our corporate sites can start on a shared tenancy basis. They also offer a seamless path to grow to almost any size on a sole tenancy or even multi-tenancy basis.

Custom Solutions

When a client's requirements just can't be met with a standard approach, our technical team is able to develop solutions using the very latest technology. 

Suppose that you have an e-commerce service that experiences an extremely high peak load but only on a seasonal basis? To be cost-efficient the whole year round, we can build a headless e-commerce backend serving the site through an app-based front-end that can easily be replicated behind a load balancer. You would have the benefit of an enterprise-grade e-commerce backend and the agility of a custom-built application. Your capability can be scaled in minutes to meet whatever demand pattern you see.

Our custom solutions are offered on a sole tenancy or more often on a multi-tenancy basis.

Shared Tenancy

Our entry-level services are shared tenancy where your website will share resources with a small number of others. All page builder services operate on this model, we are just more open about it.

Shared tenancy services benefit from:

  • state-of-the-art enterprise-grade content management experience
  • comprehensive, supported module set for advanced functionality
  • integrated, private gitlab service for theme maintenance
  • complete system maintenance and upgrade
  • high quality, UK based service hosting
  • 24/7 transparent service monitoring
  • help desk
  • 99.9% uptime
  • daily holistic backup

Sole Tenancy

Our larger services are hosted on a sole-tenancy basis. In addition to the shared-tenancy features, sole tenancy customers benefit from:

  • flexible, scalable resources
  • configurable security set up
  • custom security testing


Where system demands are particularly high, we can develop a multi-tenancy approach using:

  • load balancers
  • reverse proxies
  • database clusters
  • kubernetes


We will monitor your website constantly. Where we see resource limitations being approached we will contact you to discuss options. 

Scaling a service up to meet your specific requirements is a straightforward process and is only really limited by your budget.


Access to your website is available only from our identity management portal. That means that your content, resources, and files are safe from brute force compromise.


We have developed a process to undertake seamless updates for your service with little or no downtime.


Your service will be secured to our exacting standards.


A daily, holistic backup of your service will be taken, encrypted, and stored at a secure remote location to ensure that you don't lose any critical business records.