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Stress-Free Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service has been revolutionary for employees and HR departments alike. Pretty much every HR function can now be carried out online, with a large element being handed over to the employee using self-service portals. Whether your HR department needs payroll, reward, recognition, flexible benefits, pension or anything else, the likelihood is that they all come with a self-service portal for employee access.

The headache for most HR departments has evolved from one of providing services to one of managing access to services, many of which are provided by third parties. Add to that that the audiences may include former employees as well as current employees and you have a mix of problems that fall outside many of the traditional departmental boundaries.

One solution has been for one of the service providers to offer the ability to add access to other systems from their self-service portal. The problem is that it creates further lock-in to that provider. In a world where you need to be selecting and working with best-in-class providers this is far from ideal!

Wouldn't it be great if you had a single place where current and former employees can access all of the services relevant to them from all of the different providers that you use? Where you could create consistent communications and manage service access to all of your stakeholders systematically and on the fly? A system which isn't tied to any provider and that can work alongside your internal employee only systems? Such things exist, we call them 'Consolidated HR Hubs'.

The I-Next Consolidated HR Hub

A private, vendor-independent access hub allowing single-click access to internal and external HR services.

  • Access via simple login, 2-factor authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO) from existing system
  • Federated access from existing corporate access services 
    • LDAP
    • Kerberos
  • Account management via regular system feed with manual override
  • Rules-based service access selection, with manual override if required
  • Secure Drupal platform with managed upgrade process
  • Security auditing with independent penetration testing
  • Management reporting
  • Integration with any third party via SSO
    • SAML 2.0
    • OAuth 2.0
    • Custom
  • Existing SSO options for (amongst others):
    • Computershare
    • Edenred
    • Towers Watson
    • Zurich
  • Powerful, easy to use, content creation features for audience messaging (Drupal)
  • Support for any corporate Branding as per any modern responsive website
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) option to enable mobile installation and increase engagement

Our consolidated HR hubs can be delivered any of our partner design companies, or we can work with your current brand specialists. Please get in touch if your HR department would like a no-lock-in portal solution.