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Wekan Hosting UK - Agile Project Kanban

Replace Trello, etc. with 
your own, private, cloud-based project kanban

We are strong advocates of kanban agile project management for SMEs. It makes sense for smaller teams especially when you can bring your customers right into the project flow! But does storing all of that sensitive project data on a public service make sense?


Wekan is an open source project kanban used by thousands of companies to create a private agile project management environments.

Our agile project kanban server is your own, private, cloud-based Wekan installation coupled with our support, security and backup services.

With your own installation you can:

  • Set up as many users as you need as well as unlimited project boards with no additional costs. (within the performance of the server)
  • Customise the experience for your company
  • Not worry about inviting customers and partners to join
  • Implement your own rulesets and bots


We think that our entry-level service can handle between 2 and 200 users. You may be able to accommodate slightly more or slightly less depending upon use patterns. 

Scaling a service up to meet your specific requirements is a straightforward process and is only really limited by your budget.


Our agile project kanban services are available on a sole tenancy basis only. That means that your resources, files and conversation history is completely self-contained specifically for your business.


We have developed a process to undertake seamless updates for your service with little or no downtime.


Your service will be secured to our exacting standards.


A daily, holistic backup of your service will be taken, encrypted and stored at a secure remote location to ensure that you don't lose any critical business records.