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Aren't I-Next Just Like Big Tech?

It's a fair point. Why is it different for I-Next to host your business services than it is for, say, Google?

There are a number of reasons so here are the most relevant:

  1. You will know the people in I-Next that look after your service and you will have a way to contact us in person.
  2. I-Next's only business is supplying IT systems for small businesses. We do not sell advertising or data. We're just like having an internal IT team. That means we have no reason to be doing the sort of intrusive scanning that big tech firms do.
  3. You will know 'exactly' where your system is hosted in the UK and who has access.
  4. You will be able to choose the greenest hosting.
  5. You will know where your backups are, how often they are created and how they are encrypted (you can even have direct access if you wish to).
  6. Sole tenancy services are just that, your server and no one else's. So you will ALWAYS get the performance you are paying for.