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I-Next provides private, open-source, alternatives to 'Big Tech' cloud services. We use a boutique approach to build trust with our customers. We ensure that your business is taking the utmost care of your client's data whilst enjoying a state-of-the-art cloud service experience.

Do You Know Where Your Client Data Is?

If you use any of the services below or similar services, the answer to that question is almost certainly 'no'.

Shopify, Squarespace, Webflow, Weebly, Wix

Websites collect data in a variety of ways:

  • Enquiry forms
  • User login accounts
  • Customer orders
  • Surveys

Some of these services handle this data directly, but some use plugins from even more unknown services. Either way, you are responsible for the data. If you don't know what servers, countries or organisations that it has passed through before arriving with you then you are not protecting it sufficiently.

Solution: Our I-ntarsia Service

Gmail, Outlook Online

Your company email probably contains a huge amount more private data than you imagine. It's not just personal details it is your business data AND your customer's data. When you trust all of that to a 'big tech' organisation you lose control over how that data is used. The big email players can:

  • be a target for State-level hackers
  • filter and delete valid email without your knowledge
  • scan your email for advertising data
  • provide no support for you to diagnose email delivery problems
  • store your data in unknown locations
  • hand your email data to third parties without your explicit knowledge
  • only allow implicit backup under their control

Whilst using such services can be very convenient you do need to understand how little control you have over a fundamental part of your business's private data.

Solution: Our I-nMail Private Email Hosting, Trello

In today's hybrid working environment project kanban systems like and Trello are very attractive ways of collaborating with internal and external teams. However, with features that allow data to be attached to cards as well as discussions to be held within cards they can accumulate a lot of business data that:

  • is stored on unknown systems in unknown countries
  • is stored in an unknown security state
  • might be backed up
  • is used to mail staff and customers about from unknown systems

If you are happily using these services without provisions in your privacy statements you could be in trouble.

Solution: Our Agile Project Kanban

Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive

Who knows what country their Dropbox, Google Drive or One-Drive files are stored in, or who has access? It's an obvious question to ask and the versions of the service that allow you to specify where you want things stored work out pretty costly for even modest teams. What's more:

  • What about backup?
  • Retention?
  • Encryption?

If you aren't able to fully answer these questions then you could have a problem.

Solution: Our Storage and More Service

Google Docs, GSuite, Office 365

If you produce your business documents using online tools, then your most private data is being stored somewhere you have no control over. That's a problem.

Solution: Our Storage and More Service

Slack, Whatsapp

Messaging and instant collaboration is full of potentially sensitive business information. When you trust this information to platform services you are not taking care of it.

Solution: Our Instant Collaboration Service

What Can You Do?

Using low cost, simple, global cloud services to meet a business need isn't a bad thing. The problems come when you are using those services for real projects with real client data. If you don't know where those services are served from and who might have access to that data then you cannot be taking care of personal information to modern privacy standards.

Our UK-hosted open-source versions of those services provide almost identical functionality at a similar cost but with full privacy audit capability.

Why A 'Boutique' Approach?

Our business model isn't built around bulk sales, anonymous customers, and high growth. If we are to work together, you will need to know who we are and we will need to know who you are. It is the only way to build the trust that is needed to deliver these services effectively.

That is why we don't offer any 'self-service' deployment, we simply start any deployment with a service trial.

Start a Free Trial?

If you like what you are reading, the only way you will establish whether our private cloud services will work for you is to try them. That is why we offer a risk-free, cost-free trial of any of our services. Complete the trial form below and we will be in touch to get you rolling.

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